Why We Love Townhome Apartments

If you’re in the market for a new place with a single-family home feel and no mortgage, then you may want to consider renting a townhome-style apartment. Various Richdale communities offer townhome units to appease residents looking for more space while enjoying apartment community features. A townhome apartment is a great option for prospective families and couples who want a large floorplan with multiple levels. The perk of a townhome-style apartment is that no one will be above or below you; however, you will be sharing wall units since townhomes sit side-by-side with neighboring homes.

Townhome apartments offer other great benefits too. Some come with attached garages with personal entryways leading directly inside. There is often a high demand for garages in our communities, so having one attached to your own home is a huge plus. If your townhome apartment doesn’t have an attached garage, you still get the perk of a private entrance into your home with parking right out front. Because townhomes sit horizontally, you have easier access to the grounds though a private front door and patio making townhomes an attractive option for residents with pets and kids.

With renting a townhome apartment, you also get to experience the community amenities such as the pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, apartment maintenance, among other first-class services we offer.  To view townhome apartments in your area, visit our website and find your perfect apartment home today!


Living in Houston’s Energy Corridor

It’s no secret that Houston is abounding with prestigious neighborhoods and surrounding communities; drawing in crowds from all over the nation to work, live, and play. The Energy Corridor, a vibrant suburban community with an enviable lifestyle is one of the most desirable residential and commercial addresses in the greater Houston area. Many of the world’s most powerful energy companies call The Energy Corridor home, hence the name “Energy Corridor”. This community is surrounded by two of the largest unspoiled natural areas of any metropolitan region in the U.S. Over 26,000 acres of lush parks, bayous and reservoirs, and more than 50 miles of trails lead to beautiful energy campuses, and secure, attractive neighborhoods. Living here means being within minutes from some of the region’s finest schools, world-class healthcare, first-class hotels, convenient shopping, and incomparable dining choices. Live in Houston’s Energy Corridor and life will never be boring.


Get out your golf clubs, hop on your bike, lace up your jogging shoes, leash your dog… you’re in one of the most energetic, booming communities in the nation. Explore the over 26,000 acres of lush, open green spaces. Every aspect of living well is addressed beautifully. Exquisite dining choices abound in The Energy Corridor. You can relax under the umbrella of a cozy sidewalk cafe or delight your palate at a popular Central Texas style barbeque eatery. Several fine restaurants serve famous Texas sized steaks and incomparable fresh gulf seafood. French, Thai, Mexican, Chinese, you name it, whatever cuisine you crave, it’s all right here. Moreover, The Energy Corridor offers the region’s highest ranked schools and day care facilities, a wide range of social and religious organizations, music and entertainment, and world-class healthcare. But that’s just the start. First-class hotels, and abundant shopping choices are all also available within blocks from your door. It’s easy to get to where you want to go with the District’s several clean transportation alternatives.


There are enough grocery and drug store choices to satisfy every need just minutes from your front door. Most financial institutions have branches in the Corridor as well as churches, synagogues, mosques, automotive services, and world-class healthcare. Literally all that life demands is right here in the most unique, vibrant community in the U.S. conveniently located in between two major malls and shopping centers, notably Memorial City Mall and The Katy Mills Outlet Mall. Additionally, our close proximity to all the major Interstate highways and thoroughfares can get you to two major airports in a jiffy or other Texas cities in an easy drive. For those sand and surf lovers, Galveston is less than an hour away. There is even expedient access to downtown Houston should you yearn to visit the big city.


After a day at the office or night out on the town, come home to our luxury apartment community located in The Energy Corridor. Village on the Parkway has 8 unique floor plans to choose from; complete with wood-burning fireplaces, oversized patios and balconies, walk-in closets and full-size washers and dryers in every luxury apartment. Convenience is what makes this community so popular. Everything you need is within walking distance. Schools, cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, supermarkets, parks and even a postal center are conveniently close. When you have to drive, enjoy fast access to I-10, Memorial Drive and the Houston Galleria. With first-class amenities and service your apartment search will be easy. Everything is waiting for you at Village. Check out floor plans and rates here.






Source: http://www.energycorridor.org/


Beat The Winter Blues (starting with your apartment)

The winter season is all fun and games up until New Years Eve has long passed and you find yourself daydreaming of warm, sandy beaches. While there are still many cold days ahead (boo), it’s never too early to prep for warmer days and halt winter hibernation in its tracks. Carb overloading, seasonal allergies, and your lack of movement could be to blame for not quite feeling like your normal self. But don’t worry- it’s temporary. Improve your state of mind starting with your apartment.



Remember that cheerful scent of spring flora? Bring it back to life with aromatherapy. Diffusers and essential oils help to improve your general health by reducing anxiety. Your sense of smell can actually influence your brain and body to relax, and it is the strongest sense related to memory; especially long term memory. All it takes is a smell of something delicious, like the scent of coconut and peach bellinis – and you are instantly transported back to where that smell was significant. Fake it till you make it!

Let there be light! Literally. As winter progresses, the days get shorter. Your mood may get darker too. Deprivation of sunlight can make people feel lethargic, gloomy, and irritable, and for some it can lead to the condition known as seasonal affective disorder, or winter depression. Despite the chilly temperatures and instinct to stay in bed, take advantage of the sunshine and get outdoors. Let light travel through your apartment by removing stuffy, bulky curtains and furniture blocking windows. Add floor lamps and tableside lamps to increase the lighting in areas where light seems to be absent. And probably your best bet- invest in a heat lamp and bask in the warmth.

Spruce up your apartment décor with bright, happy accents. If you’ve been feeling “blah” lately,  your non-existent color scheme could be to blame. Pops of color and reflective surfaces boost your sense of alertness and emotional well being. “Color is a universal, nonverbal language, and we all intuitively know how to speak it,” says Leslie Harrington, a color consultant and a noted expert on the use of color in residential and industrial decor. “What color you paint your walls isn’t just a matter of aesthetics. It’s a tool that can be leveraged to affect emotions and behavior.” Vibrant throw pillows and patterned rugs are easy  and creative ways to liven up a room. When decorating with wall accents and accessories, mix colors and texture. Replace your all-white bedspread with something bold and new. The possibilities are endless.


Bring the outdoors into your apartment. Houseplants are easy on the eyes and add a pop of color without even trying. Their health benefits outweigh the one chore that comes along with ownership; watering.  Indoor plants increase humidity levels and decrease dust, reducing cold-related illnesses by more than 30%. You may not know that an excess of carbon dioxide can elevate drowsiness, stress and prompt headaches. Plants remove carbon dioxide from the air. Some plants, like eucalyptus, can help clear congestion from your system and act as a natural humidifier. By softening the air and increasing the moisture level in your home, you can kiss dry winter skin goodbye.

Stick to a routine and honor commitments. Have you been putting off that dinner party you promised you would host? Now is the time to invite friends over for mulled wine and a home cooked meal. Surrounding yourself with people who make you happy is debatably the number one fix to seasonal hibernation- and it’s a good motivator. No matter the reason you’re having people over, (to watch a game on TV, do indoor yoga or host game night) you’ll need to get organized and clean your home. Which brings us to our last piece of advice…

Get a head start on spring cleaning. It’s never too early to roll up your sleeves and tackle this daunting, yet rewarding project. Sure it’s not the most exciting thing you could do to keep busy… but it gets you up and moving.  Are there dead plants? Too many paintings on the wall? A stack of old newspapers and magazines taking over your living space? Your surrounding environment can influence your inner state of mind. While similar to relieving stress, living in a clutter-free home has a calming effect allowing you time to focus on other things and, maybe even, reuniting with missing items. A thorough Spring cleaning can also clear your home of lingering allergens that may induce allergies, like dust, mold and pollen tracked into the home.

While we wish winter would just go away already, we aren’t going to let it get the best of us. Life doesn’t have to stop just because we are currently on the set of Frozen. Get inspired!

Come Home to Biltmore

Looking to live in the heart of NW Omaha’s finest shopping, dining and entertainment district? The Biltmore Apartments offers an abundance of luxurious amenities unlike any other community in the area. With standout floor plans at impressive rates, you’ll find it difficult to justify living anywhere else.

Our 12 individually unique models comprise of  desirable features such as French doors, 9′ ceilings, roman tubs, bay windows, wet bars, crown molding, built-ins, extra closets, a breakfast bar, fireplace, and oversized balcony to name a few. Renting at the beautiful Biltmore Apartments gains residents access to our private movie theatre, an immaculate two-story fitness center with 7 sparkling pools, free fitness classes and basketball court.

Let’s talk location. With an abundance of popular bars and restaurants nearby, Friday and Saturday night activities are covered. Brunch at Le Peep, grab a slice of pizza at Sam and Louie’s Pizza for dinner, and top it off with a divine Cold Stone Creamery creation. Enrolled in class at University of Nebraska at Omaha? Simplify your life with a short commute from Biltmore to campus. Nestled directly behind Biltmore you’ll find Miracle Hill Golf and Tennis Center – a championship 18 hole golf course complete with a practice facility and eight indoor tennis courts.

We value our residents, and provide unparalleled top notch service as resident satisfaction is our top priority here at Biltmore.  It’s Luxury. It’s Location. It’s Lifestyle. It’s Omaha’s Best. And it’s all waiting for you at The Biltmore Apartments. Call Biltmore today or click here to schedule a private tour of our luxurious model apartment homes.

Design Your Own Balcony Garden

No yard? No problem. If you’re needing some green space in your life then look to your balcony or patio for inspiration. Although it may not be the roomiest of areas, it offers plenty of space to grow herbs and veggies, display beautiful arrangements, or simply add a touch of “home”. These ideas provided by Apartment Therapy will motivate you to embrace the outdoors and get to potting!


Weather Conditions

To ensure you are buying and growing plants that are suited to your particular weather zone, look no further than your local plant shop: they won’t stock anything that won’t survive in your weather conditions (or they shouldn’t). Make sure that you are purchasing plants that are intended to go outside.

However, you also need to consider the microclimate of your own outdoor space. In particular, what kind of light does your space get and how many hours of it? Is your balcony windy or sheltered? Is it perpetually shady? The answers to these questions will narrow down the specific types of plants that will be happiest in your balcony garden.


Annuals or Perennials

Just as if you were landscaping an actual plot of soil, you’ll need to consider whether you want plants that survive throughout the seasons (even if they go dormant) or ones that will only last a season or two.

Generally, it’s nice to have a mix. That way you can enjoy annuals such as more delicate fresh herbs, like basil, summertime flowers, and even maybe some veggies. But including some perennials as well opens the possibility for some green even during gloomy winter months and also allows for larger plants to fill in your space since they will continue to grow year after year.


Containers and Soil

When choosing containers, in addition to considering appearance, also take into account what the containers are made of and their drainage. Pots made of porous material, such as terra cotta, offer better drainage than plastic pots, which don’t allow any water to escape from the soil itself. Drainage holes are also a good idea in order to help guard against root rot and over-watering. Putting saucers under drainage holes prevents water from running onto your patio and from spilling down off your balcony.

Buy potting soil that’s particularly suited to the plants you will be growing. An all-purpose mix will be sufficient for most plants, but note that succulents and other specialty plants will need a different mix. Start your plants off right and they will thank you with healthy foliage and blooms.



What do you want to be able to do in your new garden oasis? If it’s just a place to grow some herbs or flowers to cut and bring in the house, you may not need any furniture on your balcony. But a little bistro table with a couple chairs makes a great spot for coffee, croissants, and a crossword. Or maybe you want a space to entertain outdoors and therefore require a larger seating area or full-blown dining table. It’s probably a good idea to consider how you want to use the space and the furniture you’ll need so you can work the plants around these larger structures.

plant height

Vary Placement

Probably the most obvious place to put containers of plants is the floor of your balcony. But varying height gives you more “space” to put plants and also adds a hefty dose of interest, enabling you to create the feel of an enveloping garden. Window boxes hung from railings, cascading hanging plants hung from the ceiling or from tall stands, and even planters made to hang on walls can really take your balcony garden to the next level.

Consider furniture as well. An old bookshelf or a bar-cart can do double-duty as plant stand and storage.