4 Household Management Apps that will Save You a Headache

With the help of advancing technology, there are now an abundance of specialized apps designed to make life easier. If managing your household proves an everyday struggle, you could benefit by using the power of technology to simplify your tasks. These 4 popular household management apps have the ability to save you time, money, and stress. Visit the app store to learn more about these life changing programs.

YNAB- manage your budget and get out of debt

Gain total control of your budget with YNAB, also known as “You Need a Budget”. According to the geniuses behind YNAB, there are four rules to help you better manage your money. By taking the free 9 day crash course, you will learn how to make informed spending decisions, get off your financial roller coaster, and save more money faster. The app’s founder created YNAB after having struggled with his own personal finances, and fully believes in the product. App is available for iphone, android, ipad and desktop.

2Do- not your ordinary to-do list

This unbeatable to-do list app should be high on your list of things to-do. 2Do allows you to dump all of your thoughts, plans, and ideas into an organized virtual planner. It houses an incredibly powerful productivity- aware engine. Time-dependent items like due dates and social events go on the calendar while non-time-dependent items like cleaning the kitchen or scheduling a doctor appointment work best on a to-do. Related tasks and projects are grouped in color coded lists. 2Do also sends automatic alerts every time there’s something to be done nearby.

Plan to Eat- Plan meals, make grocery lists, save money

Plan to Eat is an online menu planner that takes your recipes and schedules them for when you want to cook them. It compiles your grocery list, organized the way you like to shop, using the recipes you’ve selected. This app saves you time and money, and also helps to promote healthy eating. All aspects of meal planning are included in Plan to Eat: recipe storage and sharing, putting meals on the calendar, and generating a shopping list. There’s even a “freezer” feature that enables you to keep track of freezer meals. You are also able to add recipes you find online by click on the Plan to Eat icon. Plan to Eat costs $39 a year, but is definitely worth it.

Evernote- a paperless organization hub

Take advantage of Evernote and never lose another document again. This app allows you to clip articles, capture hand-written notes, and snap photos of virtually anything. Stored notes can instantly be transformed into a PowerPoint presentation without having to build slides. Capture receipts and coupons for easy, paperless storage. With Evernote you will be able to take back your life and de-clutter your workspace. If you forget the name of a file you saved onto the app, just type in “Best Buy” to find a coupon or “Alice” to find your RSVP list. Evernote is free, and the upgraded Evernote Business is $10 a month per user. Evernote business encourages collaboration with coworkers, and acts as centralized administration.