Upcoming: 5k’s to run in May!

Houston- Color Me Rad 5k Color Race 5/9/15

Color me Rad is a long-time favorite of the 5k community. The race is all about having fun, and the single most important objective is to cross the finish line unrecognizable (because you’ll be covered head to toe in rainbow colors!).  Music, food, and a rad dance party conclude the race, and a professional photographer will capture your victory free of charge. For more info and registration click here.

Dallas- Viva La Margarita 5k 5/16/15

Deemed “the most twisted 5k”, this race sponsored by Sports Authority takes place at  Fair Park in in the big D! The scenic 3.1 course  is filled with fun surprises, and prizes will be awarded to the most twisted costumes. A live DJ will get the party started at the fiesta post-race party. Learn how to salsa and then redeem your ticket for a free margarita! For more info and registration click here.

Des Moines- Dog Jog & Fido Fest 5k Fun Run 5/16/15

The best part about this race is that your furry four-legged friend can run alongside you! Every dog and participant will get a goodie bag and access to the Copper Cup’s post race street party downtown. Dress up your pooch and take him or her to browse the participating vendors before the run- Just Dogs Gourmet, Pampered Pooch Bakery & Salon, Amore Pet Boutique, and Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center among others. For more info and registration click here.

Lincoln- Big Red Challenge Race 5/30/15 

This challenging race presented by Men’s Health is not for the faint of heart. Racers have the option to run either a 5K or a competitive 10K while tackling approximately 5-10 different obstacles along the way. Obstacles may include but are not limited to tires, hay bales, stairs, and climbing walls. Your registration will help raise funds and awareness for wounded veterans. For more info and registration click here.

Omaha- Miles for Smiles 5/9/15

Show your support for the 1st annual Miles for Smiles 5k charity run. The run will take place on a scenic route that overlooks Zorinksy Lake. All types of runners including families, beginners, and even those preparing for the Omaha half marathon are encouraged to come out! This event also includes post race drinks and refreshments. All proceeds will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Omaha to improve oral health. For more info and registration click here.

Minneapolis- Spoon & Cherry City Running Tour 5/9/15 and 5/16/15

Whether you’re a Minneapolis native or new to the city, you’ll enjoy this 3 mile guided running tour. The route leads to the famous Spoon & Cherry sculpture in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Runners will experience downtown Minneapolis, Nicollet Mall, a few beautiful parks, the downtown theatre district, and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden – home of the Spoon & Cherry! For more info and registration click here.


Make the Most of Your Summer!

The first day of summer (June 21st to be exact) is fast approaching whether you’re happy about it or not. But what’s not to be happy about?! Warmer days, the sound of running sprinklers, the smell of BBQ and suntan lotion, and the view of a gorgeous shoreline… all of these distant memories from last summer are about to be relived! If you haven’t already made a list of things you want to do with family and friends, take note of these thrifty activities:

Visit a lemonade stand. Pretty soon you’ll notice these popping up on every street corner. You can make a child’s day a  little brighter by contributing some cents to their new business. It’s a quick, cheap, and easy way to quench your thirst in the 100 degree heat.

Play hometown tourist. So you were born and raised in the city you live in and never left. If you think you’ve seen everything there is to see, you’re probably wrong. Pay a visit to TripAdvisor or any other tourist website and jot down the hundreds of things to do in your hometown. Explore the museums, restaurants, festivals, libraries, and historical sites you’ve never been to!

Visit a park. Parks are everywhere. Indoor parks, outdoor parks, dog parks, food truck parks, the list goes on. These are great spaces to soak up some Vitamin D and run wild! Pack a picnic or grab your fishing pole and head outdoors.

Host or attend a pool party. Pool parties are common if not never ending occurrences during the summer months. Lounging poolside is great way to meet new people, and it serves as an excuse to brush up on your BBQ grilling skills. A pool party is also a hassle-free option for a birthday party. Kids and adults alike will enjoy a fun luau!

Watch a free film. Movie theatres are a great place to go to catch a free flick. Many big name theatres offer free movies every month, some including classic films and Broadway musicals. Make sure to subscribe to the theatre’s email list to be in the know about upcoming shows and discounts.

Tuscany Row- Houston’s Luxe Townhome Community

Houston, Texas is home to the famed Galleria district- a prime shopping area located in the trendy neighborhood of Uptown. Tucked away from the hub of restaurants, bars, and office buildings you’ll find Tuscany Row. If you’re lucky enough to stumble across this 32-unit 2 car attached garage townhome style apartment community, you can go ahead and end your apartment search.

Tuscany Row has everything you didn’t even know you wanted in an apartment community. With one luxurious floor plan to choose from, a spacious 2 bed/2.5 bath layout, your leasing experience is simplified. Each three-story townhome offers abundant storage, beautiful built-ins, grand bathroom suites, and oversized bedrooms.

Is entertaining company your forte? Accommodating guests will be a breeze in your gourmet kitchen complete with an island bar. Upon entering your private townhome, guests will be greeted by dramatic 9-foot ceilings and large arched windows. If you’re set on impressing there is no need to boast, your apartment home will do the talking for you. The striking hardwood flooring throughout the living room will direct their eyes to the cozy wood-burning fireplace.

Your Tuscany Row townhome is complete with an alarm system, and private patio and backyard. The community offers a relaxing sparkling pool, spa, scenic courtyards, and is secured by the limited access security gate.

Luxury townhomes in Houston are hard to come by, especially in a beautiful setting less than two miles from the Galleria. Visit today to find your perfect home!

How to Clean Your Dishwasher

It may come as a surprise that the appliance that is responsible for cleaning- needs to be cleaned. While your dishwasher does a great job of making your stemware sparkle, some messes get left behind. If you notice fingerprints on the door, trapped food particles, or if there’s a foul odor, it’s time to give your dishwasher some TLC. Follow these simple instructions to banish unwanted grime:

Clean the door- Fingerprints are only attractive to detectives. Wipe down the outside door with warm, soapy water. Or, use a homemade cleaning solution of 1/4 cup baking soda to 1 quart of water. Careful not to use harsh cleaners or tough cleaning pads  that might scratch the dishwasher’s finish. Once clean, dry the door with a soft towel.

Next, open the dishwasher door so you can clean the nooks and crannies. Dip a small toothbrush in hot, soapy water, and scrub around the door. Make sure to wash around the drain, filter, seal, and any other crevices. Dislodge any trapped food particles.

Clean the tub- Clear out the dishwasher and fill a dishwasher-safe cup with white vinegar and set on the top rack. Run the dishwasher on heavy cycle, choosing the hottest water possible to kill bacteria while it’s being cleaned. When the cycle is done, you can sprinkle baking soda at the bottom of the dishwasher to prevent odors from coming back.

Clean the accessories-  Remove the racks and utensil holders. Scrub off any leftover food particles or other debris. Scrub the spray arm with a soft brush or toothbrush to remove clogs. Once you’re done, replace the racks and utensil holder and shut the door. Look closely at the outside of the door, and use a toothpick to pick out crumbs, gunk, etc. in the crevices of the dials.

New to the neighborhood? Meeting people is easier than you think.

Like any big adventure, moving to a new neighborhood can bring excitement coupled with a few challenges along the way. Meeting new people doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, it might be the easiest thing you do to make your new community feel like a community! Whether you’re looking to establish a new friend group, or simply meet someone who you can connect with, these ideas will have you transforming into a social butterfly.


  1. Schedule after-work happy hour

Start with your coworkers- the people you will be interacting with every day. Schedule happy hour for after work at a fun neighborhood hangout, and extend the invite to the office by email. This will make work more amusing, and you will get to enjoy the company of like-minded people. Make it a weekly ritual to sample new restaurants and bars around town.


  1. Meet your neighbors

Moving into a new apartment opens the door for opportunity. Get comfortable with waving hello to residents you pass in the hall or common areas, and personally introduce yourself to neighbors directly next or adjacent to you. If your community hosts social events for residents, make sure to RSVP. You’re also bound to meet someone at the pool, fitness center, and dog areas.


  1. Use puppy eyes to your advantage

Your puppy might be your prized possession, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use him to meet new friends. Make a trip to the dog park and other dog-friendly neighborhood spots and let your dog do the recruiting. Go often and chances are you’ll recognize the regulars.


  1. Investigate mutual friends

You probably know somebody who knows somebody who lives down the street from you. Ask friends to introduce you to people they personally know living in your neighborhood. Good friends are almost always happy to make introductions, and the connection will be a great icebreaker when you and that friend of a friend hang out for the first time.


  1. Take a class, join a team, or volunteer

Classes and teams make meeting people easy, especially when they involve group discussions and activities. If you play a sport, look for a league in your neighborhood. If you’ve always wanted to be a comedian, take an improv class. Get involved in something you are passionate about, and you will meet individuals who share the same passion.


  1.  Never turn someone down

Of all the ways to meet new people, the most important is this: Never turn down an invitation if you’re free.