5 Helpful Tips for Hosting the Holidays in Your Apartment

1. Be Mindful of the Temperature. When you entertain a large group, we recommend you lower the thermostat 2 to 4 degrees a few hours before your guests arrive. Unless you put an extra dose into your apartment before your guests arrive, your HVAC system will lag behind the unexpected demand.

2. Designate a Spot for Your Guests’ Things. When having guests over, it is a good idea to have a place in mind for them to stash their coats, gloves, hats, purses and anything else they may have brought with them. This keeps the main entertainment
space open.

3. Limit the Amount of Utensils Needed for Food. When making food for a larger group of people, it is important to be aware of the amount of dishes and utensils you need. Finger foods are fun and leave you with less clean up! Be sure to have your sink and dishwasher cleared for any incoming dishes.

4. Spread Snacks Around Your Home. Once all of the delicious snacks are ready to serve, take a moment to find places around the room to set them up. That way all of your guests are not all clumped together in one spot and it makes better use of the space.

5. Guest Suites – If you have guests in from out of town, contact the leasing office about available guest suites in your community. The suites are definitely cheaper than a hotel and will feel like a home away from home!