Pets of the Month

Hello, My name is Lacie Lorraine and I moved to LionsGate in September 2017. I love my new home. I love when we get to go for walks around the buildings and especially when I get to see some of the other dogs. I have made friends with some of them already. Where I used to live, it stressed me out because I lived next to a busy road, so I love the quiet now. I get excited when I see my new furry friends walk by our patio door.

Nine years ago I saw a shadow moving along our high patio wall. I looked out to see a tiny gray kitten with big eyes! My hubby, Troy, climbed on two stacked patio chairs and offered him a handful of treats. Thomas has been our forever cat since that night. We posted his picture on TabbyTracker and Petfinder but he wasn’t claimed (thankfully). He is affectionate and well behaved now that he’s matured. Because of his fur he has never had a hairball.

Think you have the world’s cutest pet and want everyone to know it? There’s nothing wrong with being a show off! Enter your pet in Richdale’s Pet of the Month contest for a chance to win a BarkBox or KitNipBox for your furry friend. Tell us about your furry friend and if he or she is featured, YOU win! Send pictures and a brief description to:!