Le Palais Apartments: Spreading Light With the Candlelighters of Houston

The sun was shining and the day was crisp. The line of people waiting to get into Kirby Ice House was so long that it wound around the building. Volunteers speedily checked people in, but this was no easy task. More than 200 people had shown up to participate in Candlelighters’ fundraising event for children battling and living with cancer.

The Margarita Taste-Off was a combination of high energy, deep conversations, exciting contests and prizes, lively music, and delectable treats, but most importantly, it was an event that brought the community together.

<img src="backyard.jpg" alt="Backyard full of people talking and eating">

An afternoon of flowing conversation, margaritas, and hope.

Richdale Apartments’ newest luxury apartment community in the heart of River Oaks, Le Palais was a proud sponsor of the event. Not only did we have the opportunity to contribute dollars, but Le Palais’ associates and residents also spent time speaking with attendees and participants. While food, music, conversations, and stories were a huge part of this event, it was the power of community that reverberated through the venue.

Co-sponsor, Le Palais’ associates ready to participate at the Candlelighters of Houston’s fundraiser.

Ms. Kelsey Tarpinian, Development Director at Candlighters Houston, took a moment to talk with us. She beamed as she spoke of the support the organization received from businesses like Le Palais Apartments. A young father then stopped by Le Palais’ table and spoke with us about his two-year-old daughter who was battling cancer. He shared that while he worked full-time, his wife and the little girl’s mother stayed home as the primary caregiver. He spoke about the emotional and financial difficulties the family faced and strongly shared his gratitude for the support he was receiving from Candlelighters.

We then walked around the tables set up in the backyard and noticed memorials to children who had fought cancer not only in the United States but around the world. While everyone spoke openly, they also drew immense support and strength from each other. The result of which was an event pulsating with determination, hope, and the power of community … not to mention, great margaritas.

Erin Kenneavy, Leasing Consultant at Le Palais expressed it best when she said, ‘As a new member of the Houston community, Le Palais, located in the River Oaks neighborhood of Houston at 1916 West Gray St., is honored to have played a strong supporting role at this event.’

Here’s the Scoop on Some of the Best Low Calorie Ice Creams

With so many brands, and even more flavor choices, it can be a cold and difficult task choosing the tastiest low calorie ice creams. We brought together a panel of taste testers to try some of the best low-calorie ice creams on the market today. You’ll find out the good and the bad so you can spend less time in the frozen food section wondering which ones are worth spending your money on!

Arctic Zero: Even if you weren’t a fan of Arctic Zero’s original lactose-free ice cream alternative,you need to give their new light ice creams a shot. Made from real milk, cream, and cane sugar, these pints contain no sugar alcohols, are non-GMO, and have a boost of prebiotic fiber.
Pros: Testers found the cookie shake flavor to be perfectly sweetened, with just the right amount of chocolate flavor.
Cons: Some testers thought the taste was chalky like a protein shake and not quite creamy enough. One tester thought the flavor was too “airy” or light.

Breyers Delights: This legendary ice cream brand prides itself on offering something for every type of ice cream eater, including people looking for a healthy treat. Breyers new Delights line of light ice cream offers 260 to 330 calories and 20 grams of protein per pint, thanks to added milk protein and stevia.
Pros: Testers said it had lots of flavor with the tart, fruity raspberry and plenty of fudge swirls throughout.
Cons: One tester said the flavor would be even better with which chocolate mixed in! Another thought it tasted too much like sherbert.

Ben and Jerry’s Moo-Phoria: If you love ice cream loaded with mix-ins, Ben & Jerry’s is most likely your favorite brand. You’ll be happy to learn they preserved that unique part of their ice cream in their Moo-Phoria light ice cream flavors. The result is a treat with 60 to 70 percent less fat and 35 percent fewer calories than traditional Ben & Jerry’s ice creams, but all the hidden-treasure goodness of Phish Food and Half Baked.
Pros: Most testers ranked this as their favorite healthy ice cream for its creaminess, rich flavor and the perfect amount of mix-ins.
Cons: Testers noted that this ice cream is the quickest to melt.

Enlightened: Enlightened crowns itself the best-of-the-best in healthy ice cream, logging even fewer calories, fewer grams of sugar and fat, and more protein and fiber than other healthy ice cream brands. They offer a wide variety of inventive flavors, logging in at just 60 to 100 calories per half-cup serving. Sweetened with zero-calorie erythritol and packed with fiber from corn, Enlightened promises not to spike blood sugar.
Pros: Testers loved the chocolate and graham cracker mix-ins. They said the flavor was just right and it the texture was perfectly creamy.
Cons: Testers didn’t note any cons for the S’mores flavor!

Halo Top: If you’ve been on Instagram anytime in the last year, you’ve likely seen Halo Top on your feed. This social-sensation brand uses organic stevia and erythritol to create sweet, creamy desserts that clock in at only 280 to 360 calories per pint. Their dairy-free flavors allow vegans and lactose-intolerant ice cream fans to get in on the hype too.
Pros: The sweetness and added sprinkles were the top pros for this pick.
Cons: Some testers thought the flavor was too rich, while others noted the texture to be “icy” and not creamy enough.

Pets of the Month

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